This One Moment in Time

Please, my dear, take this one moment in time,
to see inside my heart, for the unending love that courses through my soul,
in that you will see the light of this world,
the light of love, the light of truth, and the light of all that can be.

Forgo the darkness of what was, and bask in the light of what is
this one moment of time
Seek what is you wish to find, hold on to the vine that will support you for eternity,
The vine that does not entangle your heart, but embraces it as sun embraces the earth.

Take in this one moment of time
This hand of mine outstretched not in hasty offering of thought
But rather as a grasp of the glory that this one moment allows,
The glory of love, the glory of eternity, the glory of promise our two souls provide.

For, in this one moment of time,
We can enjoy eternity.