A Daughter’s Kiss

Time rolls by, we never know,
From which end of time will teach us so,
We find that thing someday we’ll miss,
The beauty of a daughter’s kiss.

Lost in time the avenue,
Teaches us what we thought we knew,
No road we’ve traveled such as this,
The truth is found in a daughter’s kiss.

The things we know we knew not then,
For boys cannot turn into men,
Until they feel this nirvana’s bliss,
In the honesty of a daughter’s kiss.

Do not take for granted thus,
What time shall steal from each of us,
And rather than to seek to reminisce,
Take in each moment of your daughter’s kiss.

Inspired by this picture of Christina Kurowski , a dear friend of my wife’s who passed away recently at the young age of 30. Sometimes in the unexplained passing of someone you have never met, you find meaning in your own life, and how you can better soak in each moment of life you are given. Do not take one of these moments for granted, do not take your responsibilities to the world so seriously as to lose even one moment of precious time with those you love. Thank you, Christina, for I never had the privilege of meeting you, but you have taught me much.