Can’t you hold me for just one moment more?
Can’t you tell me that I am needed,
That I am wanted, That I am as great as you?
Can’t you find your greatness in me as I have in you?

“I can’t my love.
I can’t see that you are needed,
I can’t see that I want you, I can’t be but numb in your arms.  
I can’t see that you are great, only that I am greater without you.”

Can’t you touch me one more time?
Can’t you comfort me in this, my hour of need?
Can’t you see that I am desperate, That I am completely lost?
Can’t you find your way as you lead me to my own?

“I can’t my love.
I can’t stand the feel of you or the sight of you,
I can’t find the means of comforting that which you are,
I can’t be found as long as you are the veil that covers me.”

Can’t you just forgive me of my sins,
Can’t love me so I sin no more?
Can’t you see that I have no quit in me, That I will lose?
Can’t you rejoice in the effort that is made in love?

“I can’t my love,
I can’t forgive what I can’t forgive nor indulge in some Love Boat fantasy,
I can’t see anything but a loser,
I can’t rejoice in that which can only fail.”

Can’t you?
I can’t.
Won’t you?
I won’t.
The end.

©2010 Thomas P. Grasso All Rights Reserved ☮ ℓﻉﻻ٥ ツ