Remember (A Lyric)

Here I am silently
Staring into some distant memory
Can I remember?
I’ve picked it up
I’ve fallen down,
I’ve still see the time when I hit the ground
And I remember…
If I knew each time would be the end,
They would be the times that I would defend,
That last kiss, that last embrace,
That last moment our hearts raced…
Here I sit silently,
A smile comes to me at that sudden sound,
I still remember.
You’ve let me know,
You’ve let it go,
And let it fall and scatter pieces all around,
Yes I remember.
If I knew each time would be the last,
I’d hold on to each of those moments fast,
The last “I love you”, that last cry out
In the night is what I’d be about.
I can’t remember…