Just Sit

The Sun has no charm this morning
The Stars give way to nothingness
The birds sing no songs of enchantment
The rain has not washed away a thing
I just sit wishing.
This, too, is just a thing
It will pass as did the time
I took flight and sailed above the clouds
Thinking I would never touch the ground again
I just sit hoping.
That this sleepless night is over
That I’ll move beyond the boundaries of my mind
Into the realms shared by gods and sinners alike
Touching, kissing, loving, forgetting
I just sit praying.
That your fragrance never escapes my senses
That the feel of your hand in mind will never just be a memory
That we will understand and believe
In this, in each other, in what makes us who we are
I just sit wanting.
The pieces of a puzzle do not look exact,
Yet they fit to make a whole as the picture becomes clearer,
Still, I surrender this moment while praying I share this cup with you
In a warm embrace of the Heart
I just sit waiting.

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