I Miss You


My Lover,

I lay and stare at the place where you woke up this morning.  I can still see the indent of your body on the sheets, and I move over to seek your scent in the spot where you were.  A tear wells up in my eye as I can smell you as if you were still there, stroking my arm and holding my head in your hand; our lips locked in a lover’s embrace.  I close my eyes as that tear rolls down my cheek, burning into my Soul the memories that Love Itself has created.  A tear born by Love yet shed by a Soul who is completely missing its mate; a tear that speaks loudly your name in the silence of a man staring at the place where he only wishes he could find you.

There are no words, my Lover, that I can create to describe this moment.  There are no methods born that would describe the emotion of your parting.  Your absence is the focus of this moment created only because of the absolute beauty of your presence.  Like the warm waters spilling onto a sandy beach you are missed in the chill of a summer’s breeze.  I have left these waters walking tall only to find myself kneeling in solitude hugging the sand longing for the sea.  I cry out your name into empty air with only an echo in reply.  So I lie in bed, seeking your scent  in the hopes that, as the waves break in the shores of my mind, the waters will spray my soul and comfort me.  If only for a moment.

I close my eyes in that moment.  I remember it all.  As sleep invades my weary mind I see you clearly, looking at me intensely.  I can feel your hands cupping my face, drawing me closer to your own.  I can feel the instant our lips touch and we began to move to a drumbeat not heard outside our hearts.  I can feel you reach for me, drawing me closer to the edge of ecstasy before pulling me back in for more.  I can sense it all, the sweat, the sounds, the way your soul speaks to me.  I want nothing more than to never wake, to stay asleep in this dream for eternity.  Dear Lord please…


Yet I awake, those prayers unanswered as were the ones that could keep us together until the sunset of the last day.  I looked over at where you woke up yesterday morning, praying that your leaving was nothing more than some cruel nightmarish trick my mind was playing on me.  Yet there I was, alone, staring once again at that spot where you were, seeking your scent if just for one more minute, one more moment of physical remembrance.

I will await your return, my Lover, and hold these moments as a sacred testament to that magic we call Love.  This empty hand will be filled once more as the Oceans of our Being will again merge in ecstatic remembrance.  Our eyes will meet, our lips will touch, our bodies will merge in that sweet harmony.  Until then I will close my eyes and find that spot within me where you reside; where your imprint has been etched forever and your scent shall never fade.  The tears that roll down my cheeks and spill onto my open Heart will only serve to water the flowers of my Love for you.  I can sense you…you are here, forevermore.

Your Lover



photo by: Kokabella