Dance of Lovers (Mature only)

He walked down the hallway toward the room where she had lit candles in anticipation of their moment.  He could see her form standing there in the glow of the soft orange light, her skin highlighted by the little flickers of light that somehow made her look even sexier than normal.  He moved up behind her and placed an arm around her waist, pulling her closer into him while using the other to move her dress over just enough expose the smoothness of her shoulder to his eager lips.  He kissed her there, lightly moving his lips up to where her shoulders met her neck.

His free hand began to lightly touch where his lips had been.  She moaned gently, pushing her ass harder into him as his tongue brushed lightly against the nape of her neck.  With this he unbuttoned the back of her dress, intensely watching her as she shimmied the thin material to the floor.  He lost his breath as he looked at her body standing there in her black bra and thongs.  He loved the curves of her body, the way her hair fell around her shoulders.  His eyes followed her downward from there; the way her lips were  silhouetted against a flickering backdrop, her chin giving way to the beautiful curve of her neck.  He wandered downward to her breasts; big, full and begging for his attention.  The skipping beat of his heart caused him to look upward, searching for her eyes.  At that moments she turned to him, took his head in her hand and kissed him tenderly while helping him unbutton his pants with her free hand.

Soon they were completely naked, their tongues dancing in a passionate dance set to the tune of desire.  He could feel her feminine softness pressing up against his cock as his hands softly caressed the outside lines of her breasts.  She pressed up against him, her wetness dripping on his hardening manhood.  Her hands drifted downward to his shoulders, his arms, and then the middle of his back.  He responded in kind, allowing his hand to lightly brush her skin as it slowly made its way down to the beautiful curve of her ass.

He loved her ass.  It was firm and yet soft, and he could feel it tense beneath the softness of her femininity as he cupped one side in his hand.  He pulled away from their kiss to look into her eyes, to see the tenderness that lied beneath her strength.  He loved this woman and saw her as the perfect mixture of hard and soft, guarded and vulnerable, strong and nurturing.  She was everything he could have asked for in a life partner and he vowed to bring her to the Heavenly place she had always led him to.

Her body, too, was a mixture of contradictions.  Her beautiful eyes could stare him into submission at will.  Her lips demanded his full attention.  Her neckline invited him in and led him to those places she needed him to go.  Her breasts created a need in him that rejected all reason.  Her hips, her legs, and her ass all had him wanting in the steep incline of desire that heightened his senses and awakened his Soul.

He could touch her for hours and not get tired.  He loved to trace the lines of her body with his fingertips and the tip of his tongue.  He loved the reaction of her skin when he reached the right spot, how it would seemingly come alive with desire.  He could feel what she wanted, and he would often find great pleasure in running his tongue down her spine while his fingertips danced wildly on her skin.  Her Soul would guide him to the spots, and her body would confirm his arrival.  He loved how she would arch her back as his fingers lightly traced circles around her nipples as he took her clitoris in his mouth gently bringing her to orgasm time and time again even after she would beg him to fuck her.

He also loved how she would grab his head and thrust into his mouth shortly after asking him in that sweet, melodious voice to “please fuck me baby.”  He would pretend to stop only to lightly kiss her clit or to brush it lightly with the tip of his tongue, teasing her to insanity.  She would arch her back, grab his head, and he would again take her to where she truly wanted to go.  In here, as in out there, he would follow her anywhere.

He had perfected the art of having multiple orgasms with her, learning that cumming did not mean ejaculating.  He had never experienced such heights of ecstasy before, and he almost always came with her even if he did not explode.  They could make love for hours if they wanted, or minutes.  They chose how long their union went, often times being left sweaty, crumpled and exposed bodies on the bed, floor, ground…wherever…while their Souls still danced together around them.  There they’d lay, hand-in-hand completely spent yet wanting more.  They could make love several times a day whenever they wanted.  It was just as it should be.

As he entered her he could feel her spasm around him.  She would grasp his throbbing cock in her wetness and hold on as he moved inside of her.  He paid attention to every bit of her body in their union, in their meeting here, and slowed down the experience in his mind as to not lose a single second of it.  He could feel her wants, her needs, her desires inside of him as if he was living inside of her.  It never mattered what position this union found them (there were too many to count), he was so in tune with her that she never need provide him direction.  They flowed liked a finely tuned symphony with Love as the conductor.  There was no awkwardness in this song.

This was their church, their mass, their holy vow.  They found the definition of truth in this music, an open honesty were words where seldom used and communication was at its purest.  A look spoke chapters, a touch spoke volumes and their dance filled libraries with only the purest of work.  It was as if they had practiced this for a million lifetimes.  A simple touch on the shoulder had them enthralled in each other’s kiss.  A wink had them joined at their hips.  A smile would have them spinning in utter ecstasy.  A kiss?  Well a kiss could often leave them sweaty, crumbled bodies on a bed holding hands humming a tune only they could hear.

What happened out there was forgotten in here even if what happened in here could never be forgotten.  It’s funny how Heaven truly works in the expression of Lovers.  It can never be forgotten even as it erases the mundane things that often pollute even the purest of dancers.  There is no expression but Love in this place, and those who dare enter it take their notions of what Love is with them.  Their egos find great danger here in the place were fucking becomes Love’s expression of Itself through the dance.  Those who enter cannot find their ego here; they can only find their Lover surrounded by the sounds, tastes, feelings, smells and sights that Love provides.  No other emotion can exist here.  It is Heaven where God Herself resides.


photo by: gingerbydesign