I Am Not An Island

I am not an island
To be sheltered from the world
To be kept isolated by a sea you have created
Unsure of what is out there
But needing to know all the same.
What is there to hide
From me my lover?
What are you keeping me from
As the tide crests upon the shore?
The answers cause a rolling of the eyes.
We pretend awash in awkward mediocrity
that we bask in a light of awesome gratitude
In the morbid isolation that fear creates.
Yet we falter, we shrink before the embrace has even ended
Our islands are not here, but where we stand separate from the truth.
I do not care about excuses
That would force me into the closets of your life
I want freedom, I want to know
to be a part of the land and sea not me
But you, your world, your remarkable story.
I will not settle for being anonymous
In a world riddled with mediocre anonymity
No, I want to be known, seen, heard and felt
A reason for a smile, a cause for celebration
With an ability to shout from the mountains our love without pause.
For now I sit, as miserable as you
With nothing left to see or do but watch the fire rage
Our souls cannot cry out to us any louder
Even as the song they sing creates tears in our eyes
And a hole in that part where our story once lived.
For now we suffer, alone in tempered misery
Because we want to, we have asked for such a space
A testament to our own stubborn insecurity
Our own wants, our own desire, our own fears
And our unwillingness to cater to each other.
We are one, in our love and in our misery
We are one.