The Guitarist (Mature Only)


He had admired her for a few weeks now.  In her he saw a strong beauty expressed fully in her mannerisms and eloquence.  She spoke with an authority and type of power that emanated from a place where only Spirit resides.  Born of experience, forged by fire, and cooled by the waters of Love, this Beauty stood before him inspiring awe through her words and her actions.  He had not been properly prepared.

It was not that he had assigned expectations on her.  He wanted her to inspire him on her own merit, not on some expectation of grandeur or of failure.  Those were created by others whom he had known.  She, he had decided, deserved nothing less than to be who she was without his predetermined judgment of which she had no part.  He wanted to know her story as she wrote it, not as others had written it before her.  He felt a bit embarrassed in the role he had given himself in this.  After all, who was he to even suggest what she deserved?  He was the judge here, that’s who, and yes she deserved to inspire absent of any mistakes committed by others.  After all, she could not right the wrongs she had never committed.

So, here he sat across the table from a woman who, on her own merit, had completely captured his attention.  Her eyes dominated his mind as she spoke.  Her voice, strong and steady, commanded an attention from him few could.  He immediately noticed her beauty in the compassion she showed.  He found her attractive in ways few could ever be; so much so that hadn’t noticed much about her physically.  Her intellect, her sense of humor, her passion filled his heart as they talked for hours that flew by like minutes.

They parted ways with a hug that seemed way too short.  He found himself wondering what it would be like to talk to her whenever he wanted.  He could not imagine her boring, or unable to capture his attention.  It was like watching a movie you never wanted to end.  You might get hungry or have to pee, but you aren’t getting up out of your seat for fear of missing something.  So strong was the attraction here that he sat on the proverbial edge of his seat just watching, not wanting to miss a thing.  When the scene finally ended with that hug that seemed way too short he found he could not wait for the story to begin again.  Amazing.

The story did continue, and he never did find himself bored or feeling anything less than completely enthralled.  She met him after a show, still holding her guitar.  Her smile lit up the room they were in, and as she closed the door behind her she gave him a hug longer than the last one, but still way too short.  As she turned to get some water, he noticed something he had strangely not noticed before.  This woman who had so attracted him with her inner presence was absolutely gorgeous physically.  How had he not noticed this before?  He caught himself looking at her ass held firmly in tight jeans.  The look quickly became a stare as she walked away from him asking what he thought of the show.

“It’s great,” he caught himself saying a bit too late.  He certainly thought the show was great, but that ass was amazing!  His eyes slowly moved up to her back.  Strong and supple through her tight shirt, he could see the outline of her bra and the highlights of back.  She held a musculature that was strong but feminine.  He looked at her hair, long and flowing down over her shoulders down to her back.  He felt a stirring in his pants he simply could not prevent.

Having grabbed the nearest water bottle, she turned and began walking toward the sofa directly next to him.  He had always thought her face beautiful.  Her eyes had captured him immediately the first time they met.  They were soft and inviting, open and caring; and a beautiful color that was highlighted by the joy in her story.  How had he not, though, noticed her lips?  They were perfectly full, and he suddenly had the urge to kiss her deeply.  He resisted as his eyes flowed with the line of her neck, down to her breasts.  They seemed perfect for him, the perfect size and shape.  He could only imagine walking over to her and kissing her lips, then her neck, and settling on her breasts.  He wanted to kiss every inch of them, and as her nipples became erect through her shirt he wanted to kiss them too.  Simple and gentle nibbles would find their way through the material as his hands gently caressed her back.

Suddenly realizing where his mind had gone, he quickly looked back up at her eyes.  She was smiling at him and he nervously wondered if she could read his mind.  He had not had sexual thoughts about her before, not because she wasn’t attractive to him, but because she was so interesting to him intellectually and spiritually that the physical had not yet entered into his consciousness.  Yet here he was, forcing himself to not look down below her neckline for fear that the bulge in his pants would betray his thoughts.

“I gotta think about baseball” was the only thought he could muster in weak resistance to the moment.  He kind of chuckled inside at the thought, and as she sat down on the sofa that thought all but vanished as he looked at her.

“Holy shit, where did those legs come from?” he thought to himself in utter amazement.  She had long legs, and as she settled on the sofa she spread them slightly to get comfortable.  His mind drifted.  How he wanted to remove her jeans and kiss her legs from her toes to that place where her legs met her womanhood.  He could imagine the salty taste of her skin as he worked his way up and the smoothness he would find in the process.  He would let the tip of his tongue gently caress the  source of her femininity, tasting her wetness while enjoying her wanting more of him.  More he would give her too.  Much more.

His head shook slightly but violently in bringing him back to the present.  Not much time had passed since she brought him to this room, but it seemed as if hours had passed.  In those dreamy hours he had completely satisfied this woman, making her climax over and over again.  He wanted more and she would give it to him.  Much more.

“So, you really liked the show?” she asked bringing him back to reality.

“Absolutely.  I thought you were amazing.  I am so glad I came.  Thank you for inviting me.”

The conversation went on, and he settled down next to her.  He loved that despite the now-known distraction of her physical beauty he still found her mind and Soul completely awe-inspiring.  He could almost forget about how sexy she was in the conversation but it was never far from his mind.  Her lips distracted him for a few moments.  She would stretch and his eyes would drift to her breasts.  He wanted her badly and in that realization he knew that it wasn’t just the body he wanted.  No, this union would bring him to a place with her he may never want to leave.

They shared a laugh, and in it she suddenly put her hand on his shoulder.  They stopped laughing in unison, and she looked into his eyes and he into hers.  Silence seemed to highlight the commands being issued between them as she leaned into him and he into her.  They kissed deeply and at that moment the Sun rose for the first time.  Their hands intertwined they moved toward each other, and both knew they would never be the same again.