Sing to Me

Sing to me my darling
Let me hear the melody I seek
Those notes that echo in my ears
Creating hope in happy, honest tears.
Sing to me this lonely night
As the tears flow where they may
Let that spot in you that loves me true
Touch that spot in me born for you.
Sing to me my only
Invite me where few have ever been
Show me hope in timeless faith that lives
So that Love may be the gift it gives.
Sing to me that song
You’ve taught me how to sing
So that I may stand and give my vow
And see such power in here…and now.
Sing to me in a whisper’s tone
Bent softly through my mind
As if a moment lost in human time
Was the only human’s natural crime.
Ah, smile and take my hand in yours
Let truth and church bells ring
Although once I fought myself to see
Now I simply wish you’d sing…to me.