A Moment on the Beach (Mature)







The waves gently broke around them as their feet played with each other in the surf.  As the water receded he would caress the beads of water off her feet with his own, carefully reminding her of the gentle strength he offered.  He would follow a droplet’s tear as it made its way down the top of her foot with his toe, gently tracing its path while sending waves of desire up her spine.  They both focused there, where their bodies touched and where the playful teasing of what was to come was born.

Neither could tell if the beads of sweat formed on their brow was from the hot midday Sun or from the anticipation their bodies called out to.  She could feel her nipples becoming erect under the padding of her bikini top, and as she bit her lower lip in a playful pose he could feel the quickening of his breath at the suggestion.  He held his hands at bay as long as he could, not allowing his hands to wonder over her body, but as she turned her head slightly to look into his eyes he could no longer hold them still.

The waves and feet were forgotten as he gently took her face in his hand, embracing her lips with his own as their tongues made the world fade away.  Their love flowed through their mouths and into each other as the sand and ocean seemed to merge into who they were in the moment.  Their lips parted as he slowly moved his hand to brush the hair from her face.  They looked deeply into each other’s eyes as he allowed his fingertips to brush lightly the lines of her jaw, the outside of her ear and down to her neck.  Her hand instinctively caressed his arm as their eyes made love and their thoughts stayed fixed on the moment.  Slowly their lips merged once again and they knew the entirety of time and space had been created for this very moment.

They embraced tightly.  She could feel his hardness and he her softness.  There were no words necessary in the moment, but each whispered in a timely unison into the other’s ear “I love you.”  The words spoke a truth their bodies and souls would confirm.  There, on towels laid on a summer sand they became One.  The warm Atlantic waves surrounded them.  The Sun admired them, and all of nature seemed to delight in the moment of Love born a lifetime ago.  Yes, this “me” was born for that “you” in the moment where nothing was asked for and everything was received.

They were oblivious to the stares and judgments of the people around them.  Since when had Love become a dirty thing?  They did not care what the jesters thought.  They served the Love within them, and they only knew that Master.  Imagine such joy found in the Soul finding Its physical mate, on the merging of two minds who knew each other!  Why others sought to dampen such a Love with judgments and man-made protestations of “wrong” served them not.  No, they bowed to no man but gave way to the deep feeling within them. Theirs was a Great Gate, open to all but breached by none.

She gently moaned as his hand caressed her spine downward.  He stopped just above where the curve of her ass began, and he gently outlined the place where her skin started and the fabric of her bottoms ended.  She bit her lower lip again, and sighed in a way that sent her chest heaving towards him.  He could feel the softness of her breasts press against his chest.  He could feel her surround him completely and he entered her in the same way.  There they were in a slightly clothed embrace, making love to one another in a way that no one around them could understand.

They were One.  They nestled next to each other awash in the salty sea as their sweat mixed with the ocean’s mist.  They once again could hear the songs of the sea birds looking for a meal.  They could once again hear the ocean give way to the shore.  Together they gazed into the same sky that gazed back at them in mindful remembrance of the heartbeats they could feel in their silence.  This was Love, this was what the Universe was created to serve.  They were born for this moment when each of them could unite into a Oneness that served as notice to the mindlessness around them.  They held each other in that moment, and they shared eternity in the experience.  Thankfully, they would never recover, and in moments when they would return to human mindlessness they could never forget that one moment that defined all others.

In our human experience it is moments like this that could define us if only we’d remember.


photos by: shazwan & shazwan