Left adrift upon the ocean
Curse the tide…fighting for the shore
In windy hell the storm clouds rain
Can’t offer something more
Seek the mountain through the valley
Ride the sky that you adore
Crash and burn in time…the mountainside
Falling through the door.
Words of concern roll into the ether
Her reply…bitter to the taste
He swallowed down the pill she gave to him
He’s a big, big waste.
Shadows in the open
Mark the time he hit the strings 
Found the music out of tune…he played
Heard the lies in everything
For certain paid the Devil
Looked into what she said
Found that he could not trust a thing
The song echoes in his head.
Wicked is the ocean
Adrift like he was before
Silently the winds of hell they came
And pushed him to the floor.
photo by: Uncleweed