Through the Veiled Glass Door

The Veiled Door
Through the Veiled Glass Door
I see her…
As a painting of the Divine
She speaks to me through time and space
Issuing a prayer to some part of me
That part of me
That can never blink…
…or doubt
…or fear.
Through the Veiled Glass Door
I see her…
Like a running stream to a thirsty man
I am nourished instantly
While wanting something more
Much more
From the journey that created this thirst to begin with
Each step…
…to her.
My hand reaches out to the Veiled Glass Door
I want her…
Like a happy child chasing a butterfly
Just to marvel at its beauty
The door slowly opens as she stirs 
I am close…
So close…
My eyes fixed on the angel in front of me
I bend my lips to her cup to drink.
On the other side of the Veiled Glass Door
I have her…
Heaven sets upon us like a clear blue sky
The sunlight announces itself through the breaks in her hair
Sets her face aglow
The beauty that steals my breath from my lungs
Now shares the heart beating within my body
And the tears from my soul
And is all I could ever ask for.

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