A Snapshot of Eternity


I sat there, under the glowing street light waiting.  A few flying insects buzzed past me as I sat, reminding me that I was there and time was not truly standing as still as it appeared.  She was near, she was coming, and soon I would see if my Soul was being honest with me.  I would know true love.

She was coming from a distance all the way to see me.  Our hearts were drawn together through time and space and the moment was coming when the realization of a lifetime would be condensed into one “big bang” moment.  A universe would be created then, in this space, and an entire reality formed in one single spark of love.  We had felt it from our conversations, known it through our voices and seen it through our words but soon would be the physical manifestation of a lifetime of longing.  I would hold her, kiss her, and know her in ways created for mere mortals to know certain Divinity.

Soon, the love I’ve never known before would create a love I’ve never known before.  I would climb mountains I never knew I could climb, and experience things I have never experience before.  I would be taken to the edge of the cliff and dropped into a waiting pool of…


photo by: INTVGene