October 16, 2012 #1

Part of this transformation has been experiencing how much I love being around people. People who make me laugh. People who enjoy me. People who can take a joke and give one back. People who search for peace. People who aren’t so busy judging that they can actually sit down and laugh with me and I with them.

Enjoying this fucking place isn’t just about being out in the woods or challenging yourself, it’s about letting those in who want to be there and having fun. It isn’t about fixing each other, none of us is broken. It’s about recognizing just how wonderful we can be for each other and fulfilling that potential. It’s about making breakfast after having an all-nighter with your lover. It’s about finding your woman’s ticklish spots and KISSING them. It’s about ecstasy, loving and being loved. It’s about being a friend and receiving friendship. 

So, if your choice is not to love me or be with me, then your choice must be to journey somewhere else. I have people who do that I want to spend time with. 

I don’t need you to fix me, I simply need you there belaying the rope so that as I climb this mountain I can count on you to break my fall should I slip. I would do the same for you. You are free to choose your path, choose your footholds and handholds, and I will be there to break your fall should you slip. You will not hit the ground when I’m there . 

So, if your choice is to walk away from me or “fix” me, I’d ask you to choose another subject. If your choice is to take turns belaying each other I’d say you found your man. I’ll let you know if I choose not to do the job.Make your choices and own them. (See, I AM a faster learner when I put my mind to it!)



photo by: SidPix

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