Lover’s Lament

I need you to settle in next to me
Hold my hand
Put your head on my chest
Let your leg drape over mine
As you wipe these tears away.
Tell me it’s all right
That the numbness will end
That the cold shoulder isn’t cold at all
Just waiting for my warmth, my touch
As you bring your body close to me.
Show me that you love me
That you are true, that the rock on which I rest
Isn’t another figment of my imagination.
That you are real
And that you aren’t just another ghost being created by a lie.
Let me feel the sun again
Hear the church bells ring while the songbirds sing their tune.
Let me know some truth
In place of this loneliness, your love
In place of this fear, your steady gaze.
In ignorance the fumes of fear explode
In dismissal the eruption of sadness consumes 
The Warrior succumbs to the battles of his mind
He cannot move from his stool
Or stand as the blows rain down upon him.
And so he loves…
Now, then, tomorrow.
And though he struggles alone against the tide
He will stand, eventually
And he will secure Love’s sweet victory.
photo by: tiseb