The Leaf (Poem)

I’ve done my job
And as the end slowly comes
I will do my job again
And fall lightly to my Home.
I’ve rustled through the breeze
And sang loudly through the winds of change.
I’ve given you shade
When you needed a break from the midday Sun.
You’ve given life to me,
So that I could give life to you, my Tree.
Now the seasons are changing
And it’s time for me to change as well.
I’ve grown old to you
Another spring I shall not know
In your embrace.
You once held me so that I knew I could touch the sky
You once lifted me up so that I could see it all
And held me firm when the storm clouds came.
But now you’re letting go
In your release I cry shades of red
Of yellow and hues somewhere in between.
Where we once held firm against the storm
Now the slightest breeze tears us further apart.
Where I once danced in the Sun
I now wilt and seek refuge.
Where I was once supple
I am now dry and brittle to the touch.
Yet I have done my job.
And I will continue to do my job
As I fall lightly to the Earth
To feed you once again.
Part of me in the decay will spawn another leaf
In another time
In your place, the place I loved to be.
And you will dance in the breeze, and sing a song
You will love the Sun together
And hear the birds sing and the church bells ring
I will be but a distant memory.
But I will know that you are there.
And in my silent revelry
I will love you just like I always have.
And when the calm breeze blows
I will hear our song again
And I will smile with a tear
Knowing that I had the chance
To dance
With you.
photo by: Will Merydith