Three Weeks…Or so (Poem)

It’s been three weeks
Or so…
Since the bomb went off
Since the ocean waves destroyed my little village
My safe haven
That place I called “home”.
It’s been three weeks
Or so…
Since the torrent of tears rained down
Staining the very ground we walked on
That little spot
Where Heaven met the Earth.
And now through the mud and muck
Comes a flower
Seeding the barren landscape with hope
Bringing color to the darkened mind
A spark of light
That has ignited a raging inferno.
Those three weeks
Or so…
Expanded a Universe from an atom to infinity
Changing time and space as it grew
From deep pain to unbridled understanding.
Such pain have I inflicted
In those three weeks, or so
Water cannot pretend to be such hardened stone
For long
Until the cracks appear and the drops spill forth
And the tears define who we have become.
No more…I say, I shout to Heaven above
I dig my heels into soil of a different type
Soil that suits me better
The soil of Love on which I stand
A bit taller…a bit straighter…
A bit more knowing who I am.
Now, to shine.
For it’s been three weeks
Or so…
Since the clouds came and rained on my insanity
Now, the Sun has returned
And I will not let it go again.
photo by: vladeb