Why Does It Feel Good to Enter a Woman? {Mature}

It’s not what you think…

Hey guys, do you want to know why it feels so good to enter a woman?

Nope.  It’s not that.  That’s your high school peers talking.  It’s that type of locker room bullshit that has us men spinning in the mud.  It’s why we can find ourselves, years after we began our journey, still spinning our wheels nearly at the same place we started.  So stop trying, and start listening.

Scary thought, I know.  Most of us guys aren’t taught to listen.  It’s time we start to learn.  It’s hard, it goes against our grain, but frankly if we don’t a whole world of possibilities just passes us by.  We lose far more than we gain by being the “men” we were taught to be, and I am one who is sick of losing.

So, what’s the answer?  Why does it feel so good to enter a woman?  (drum roll please)…

Wait for it…

It’s coming (sometimes too soon)…


Well, not to be a party-pooper with some metaphysical stuff, but the reason it feels so awesome to enter a woman is because, in actuality, she is entering us (Collective groans from the audience expecting a micro-porn instead).  Seriously, next time you go to do the nasty with your woman, slow down.  Just as you go to enter her, really slow down.  Pay attention to every nanosecond, every small moment as you take your time fully connecting.  See how you feel.  Recognize it.  Listen.

There, in that place, you will feel it.  As that part of you slides into her (hopefully, if you’ve done your part, it slides with little effort) you will know what I am saying is truth.  While you are entering her she is, in fact, entering you.

Entering your heart.  Your soul.  Your entire Being.  She fills you up, and takes you places you’ve never been.  You both ride the wave, and you both end up wasted mounds of flesh on the beach.  In the end, though, you will say to whatever Universe you talk to in your moments alone, “damn, that Tom sure knows what he is talking about.  I need to buy his book.”

Remember that sentiment.  The book is coming, and your business is appreciated.  However, the most pressing business at hand is to understand that sex is not just something you do to get off, it is something you to do experience something you cannot experience otherwise.  Love.  God.  Whatever you call it.

See, when I see that picture of God as an old man with a rod in his hand, I often think that God isn’t the old man at all.  God is the rod.  The old man simply knows how to use it, and for that knowledge he gets painted all over the world and is worshiped beyond measure. So, learn how to use the rod and be worshiped.  Not by the world, but by YOUR world.  Her.  The woman.  The one who shows you who you are when no one else can.


photo by: kyz

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  1. It is so good to enter a woman because she will give you some feminine energies and that combined with your masculine energies will connect you to source …… bliss 🙂 (and that moment is when you are superior to a women).

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