Go There, Be Happy (Poem)

Who you turn to 
In your time of need, that’s the One.
When lost in your sea of emotion
When the mind takes over
And proves to be an absent friend
The arms that comfort you 
Are the arms where you should remain.
Who you talk to 
In your moments of turmoil
When the world closes in on you
When the journey seems its longest
And peace seems some distant dream
That mind is the one you need know
The thoughts that should be cherished.
Comfort is not an illusion
It is a message.
A message from one heart to another
From your heart to the rest of you
That tells a simple story of love
and of where you need to be
And where you should return.
Go there, and be happy
Know it every day, every minute, every second
Even in those moments when very ground you tread 
rumbles with its dissatisfaction.
Go there, and be happy
Knowing I go there with you
Sometimes with tears, sometimes with a beaming smile.
Go there, and be happy
Like flowers and grasses, bow your lips to the stream.*
And quench your thirst within the River.
I will see you there, someday.
*Rumi “Eternal Joy”
photo by: uteart