She Says {Poetry}

Yes, I know…she says
And I forgive you
I forgive the rashness of your passion
I forgive the deepness of your pain
And I am here…
Yes, I know…she says
And I love you
Despite the blood that trickles from your wounds
And the tears that stain my pillow
I am here…and I will never leave.
There is no place I’d rather be…she says
My lover, my Lion, my man
For I know you’d never leave me
Even as the words spill from your frothing mouth
I am here…you are loved.
You are my greatest joy…I say
And my deepest sorrow and will surely to be the death of me
I reach out to empty air
And wonder where you are and why the silence reigns
I am nowhere…
Do not worry, my love…she says
For I know you – all of you
I can see the beauty in our embrace
I can feel the power in our dance
I know the truth when you say nothing at all
And I am here…and I love you.
Then why can I not see you?…I say
Why is your soul no longer speaking to me?
Why am I alone in the silence of this hell
drowning in the salty sea of this sobbing heart
smelling nothing but my rotting flesh?
You can see me…she says
As the tears cross your eyes and the sobs escape your lips
I am there…right there
With each piece of your breaking heart that lands in the sea
I am there…the water itself.
And I say
Then as the night turns into day
And my mind is driven into the depths of hellish agony
I will drown here…in you…the sea of the only truth I’ve ever known
I am here…and I love you too.
Goodbye, my love…she says.

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