When I Look at You

I want you to know what I see
When I look at you.
I see an explosion in my heart
I see the valleys rise above the sea
I see the mountains touch the sky
I see diamonds in the roughest parts of me.
 I want you to know what I feel
When I look at you.
I feel like I could touch the moon
I feel like I could climb the highest mountain
I feel something I have never felt before
I feel something I may never feel again.
 I want you to know what I want
When I look at you.
I want to know nothing but that truth
I want to know everything that ever was
I want to know everything that will ever be
I want to know…you.
I know that you are used to this
This feeling you inspire
But I am not used to having it inspired within me
And it takes time for me to understand.
Yet I will never stop trying
And I will never stop striving
To be the best for you that I can be.
I will never stop wanting
And I will never stop loving
Regardless of the ideas my mind creates
Or the challenges that you bring into my life
Because the rewards are the most beautiful
And the moments the most perfect
That I have ever known.
So, if you love me and you know the truth of those perfect moments
Know them with me, and walk with me into that good light.
Show me the power of the heart that guides you
And the intelligence of the mind that speaks for you
With the strength of the character that makes me want to surrender to you.
I will give you all of me and stay true to you in turn
Knowing that if anyone deserved that part of me it was you.
I am sorry for the challenge of me
and I am sorry for being so unsure
In the challenge that is you.
I am sorry for tripping over my own two feet
And believing the wicked stories of others in my mind.
While forgetting who you are to me, to us, 
And trying to prove my own strength in the process.
I am nervous yet I am sure.
I am nervous because of the bruises on our hearts
And the distance we cannot help but share.
I am sure because of the feelings you give to me
Even on the coldest winter’s morn
And the hottest summer’s day
That make it all so perfectly perfect.
Put your hand here, on my chest
And heal me.
I will kiss you where your heart beats loudly
And heal those parts of you.
The story has been written my love
And when the book finally closes for the final time
It will still be you, and it will still be me
And what a story we will have told.
Because when I look at you
I know I don’t see what others see
I see love looking right back at me
I see a woman who loves me
Who wants me
Who needs me
Who saves the best of her for the worst of me
And who saves herself for the best of me.
No, they don’t get to see what looks at me
So I am the luckiest fucking man in the world
A man not used to being so lucky
Now smiles in the glow of your love
Wanting to take the best of you for the best of me
Today, tomorrow, forever.

I love you.