As I watched millions of years of existence end in a flash across this evening’s sky, I felt small, impermanent and grateful for the realization.

It all ends sometime, someday.  In an instance what was ceases to be, and what is becomes the new reality.  Across the darkened sky of our existence everything ends in a flash that, to some, is but an instant but to others is an eternity.  In a moment of intense flame it ceases to be, and the sky again becomes dark save the few diamonds left to prove its existence.  Everything returns to darkness; everything returns to light.

I walk to the darkest spot I can find, feeling the emptiness in my hands highlighted by the hope in my heart.  Am I but a Geminid in her evening sky?  Am I but a flash in the night sure to exist in one moment but be gone before the her eyes open again?  Am I but a cold rock floating aimlessly in the nothingness sure to die in the heat of her atmosphere?  Am I destined to be but a bright flame across her darkness, across my own darkness; a flame that burns intensely but for only a short period of time?

I look at those lonely hands, opening and closing them as if to prove they are mine.  I can see her hand resting nicely in my own, warming the skin left cold by the evening air.  I can feel her lean her head on my shoulder and I know.  I am not a cold rock floating aimlessly in nothingness.  I am one of the diamonds, burning brightly and lighting the way.  If only I choose to be, and if only she lets me.  Her and I are not them, those strange vestiges of past pains left to scramble in the light of love.  We are the light, the source of contrast between the blackness and the timelessness of love.  We are what we choose to be, either to be lost in the mix of the mind or found in the millions of suns proving to us that even the darkness is temporary.

So tonight as I am surrounded by the darkness and the destruction of travelers who simply got too close, I am warmed by the heat of love cascading through my soul and the light of the love we both share.  Perhaps it is time for us both to take the past and turn it into a chunk of stone and push it into nothingness.  Maybe it is time for us both to watch that rock burn in the air of love and vanish into space.  I can almost see it, her hand tightly in mine as her head lies softly on my shoulder watching with a smile as those barriers burn away.  I can see her smile as I turn to her and say, softly,

“I love you.”

We both know.  We have always known.  The Geminid is not the love that we share but the barriers we have created keeping us from it.  We both surrender in an instant, and utter a silent vow that this time we will know the truth and it will be ours.  We make it ours, we own as if it is all we will ever own, and it becomes the reality we cherish.  Even as I close my eyes to dream this lovely dream, a prayer escapes my heart as the beautiful mediation begins.

Yes, my love, my fears are in that rock you just watched disintegrate.  Yes, my love, I feel the truth around us.  Yes, my love, I know you are here, and that you love me.

I have heard her say it in my ear at least a hundred times.  “I love you.”  So, I vow to her this moment a truth that speaks from that part of me only she can see when her mind is silent and her heart is open.

Yes, my love, my doubt has just burned away in that streak you saw across our sky.  Yes, my love, I am here.  Yes, my love, I believe in you.  Yes, I am ready.

Such truth brings tears to my cheeks.  I have never cried in my life combined as much as I have now.  Cleansing, releasing, forgiving and, finally, surrendering.  Like any good fighter just at that moment of surrender I find renewed fight to continue on.  Now, I am finally on the canvas, staring up at her beautiful face thankful for the knockout blow.

Yes, I am done baby.  Yes, I am ready to end the battle.  Yes, I want to leave this place and walk alone with you. Let me, please.  Thank you.

Soon, the Sun will rise above that place where the ground meets the sky.  I’ve always loved that place, and it is there that I ask her to walk with me.  I deserve the chance and so does she.  A chance to smile in the light of love as we push the Sun above the horizon.  A chance to walk together without the rocks falling all around us.  A chance to know one another without the voices telling us stories that don’t exist here.  Yeah, it’s time to walk my love…

photo by: ikewinski