The Senses (A Poem)

Prayer is the language
See me want you
See me want to fill you
See me want to take you
See me want to never let you go.
Hear me whisper to your soul
Hear me slowly tear away your layers
Hear me drop my guard and kiss away your tears
Hear me speak to you my innermost truth.
Feel me enter you
Feel all of me enter all of you
Feel me give you all of who I am
Feel me…now…then…forevermore
And accept me now in my weakness as you do in my perfection.
I smell your soul as I inhale
And smell the truth of all that is
The sweet fragrance of eternity
Arouses that part of me that can never die.
I taste you as you quench my thirst
That sweet knowing of a million yesterdays
And I bet you please don’t go
As I taste the bitter nectar of my own insecurity.
Feel me…and never let me go.
See me…and forever hold me in your heart.
Taste me and know that I am real.
Smell me…and let the fragrance forgive me of my sins.
Hear me…and take me beyond…beyond the music of my mind.
Into silence.
Let the sense take us into silence.
Let the tears wash us of our shelter
And the sweat cleanse us of our humanity.
photo by: Lel4nd