How I Think of You

Habanero splashAh, how you come into my mind at the most random of moments. How I find my mind’s hands on your body, my lips on yours, all of me on all of you. How I can smell you, taste you, and want you without you even being near. How certain parts of me respond to certain thoughts of moments that haven’t even yet been created.

How in my purest moments thoughts of you create a stirring words cannot describe. How I can feel me enter you, and how I can sense your eagerness in the taking. How we speak without words, and how thoughts of you enter my being even in the deepest parts of sleep.

How I think of you as your kiss empties this endless glass and fills it with a promise of the Universe. How you take mere mortal moments and make them outlive eternity;  how the subtle touch of your tongue upon my skin brings life to this weary man. How you take the mind’s bad and create the heart’s good in nothing other than a glance. How I think of you brings life and joy to the deepest despair, and how I think of you brings strength to the weakest of moments.

Yes, how I think of you. How I want you. How I’m coming for you.