Crush (Songs of Inspiration 3) [somewhat mature]

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Lovely lady.

I am at your feet

God I want you so badly…

And thus this story begins. Purely, innocently, intently and with such meaning that one’s heart cannot begin to contain it to mere words on a stone. Or a paper. Or a screen. The sky itself is not large enough to contain this story, for as it is as vast as the Universe and as endless as the reach of Infinity’s imagination. It is as large as anything ever known, yet as small as the tiniest molecule on the smallest particle ever created.

It is a tiny spark that creates an explosion of unimaginable proportions. It is the first drop of water in an eternal rain, the first bolt of lightning in a beautiful thunderstorm, the first ray of light from a newborn star, and when you feel it you are humbled in your power, complete in your pieces, and secure in your uncertainty. You become a tree whose roots have no end, and you seek to be a victim no more.

Yes, Lovely Lady, I am at your feet. I am here, your Master and your Servant, your man waiting patiently for that moment when time and space have closed to nothing more than a  bead of sweat between us. I am here, and someday soon this guttural growl that grows within me will become a roar that explodes and echoes deep within you. You will feel me, and you will never be able to let me go.

I wonder this

Could tomorrow be

So wondrous as you there sleeping

I look at the empty spaces around me and within me and I wonder if the waves of desire and emotion that are speaking to my mind have you as their purpose. I wonder, sincerely, if the mild motions of absolute longing are guiding me toward that place where you lay. I wonder if you are laying there, touching yourself with me in your mind while your heart beats my name. I wonder as your eyes close and your soft lips part in your moment of ecstasy if it is me pleasing you through channels not yet known.

I wonder which walls you are willing to tear from their foundations to get to me. I wonder if the hammer you must wield is too heavy for you to bear. Do not worry my Love, I am here, and I am strong. Ask me and I will tear whatever must be torn to spend my nights gazing at the wonder of you sleeping there in that spot made empty by the very god that brought you to me. Whisper in my ear and I will slay any monsters that dare frighten you. Look into my eyes and I will stand there in awe, staring back into the very destiny I was created to know.

It’s crazy

I’m thinking

Just knowing that the world is round

Here I’m dancing on the ground

Am I right side up or upside down

Is this real or am I dreaming?

Time has tempered me, my Love. Each moment of joy and agony have brought the hammer down upon my molten heart for the sole purpose of getting me here. It is here, in the silence, that I hear the call of your voice, the Song of Your Soul. It is here, in the orange haze of the setting Sun, that I see the majesty of this moment’s gift to me. It is in your Song that my head begins to move without thought, and where my feet begin to beat with a drummer I have never met. It is here, on this spot, that I dance with a moment that gives birth to great possibility. Nothing seems to matter, nothing I’ve known seems real and nothing I’ve been taught seems necessary. Here the butterfly does not look back upon his cocoon with any need other than to know he is no longer there.

Here reality blurs into a dream and a dream becomes reality. Here I do not have a sense of purpose but rather know that my purpose is a sense. I can feel you, taste you, see and hear you as my nostrils caress the very notion of who you are. This is a truth, an intention, and a recognition that nothing I have ever known matters in this, the Universe that has exploded around us. My compass is no longer directed by true North, but by the very spot on which you stand.

Lovely lady

Let me drink you please

I won’t spill a drop I promise you

So I will walk, swim, run, sail, fly to that point which my compass points and there you will be, waiting, smiling, ready. We find the very truth in our kiss and in the way our touch sends bolts of lightning through the depths of our souls. You will wipe the dust from my body and quench my thirst as I drink you down. Your legs will part like the sky and the sea, and my mouth will be the winds that churn your body into a raging, beautiful mess. You will scream oaths of pleasure, and your body will demand more of me that I have ever given. And I will promise you more, and make a demand of my own.

Each moment

The more I love you

Crush me

Come on

Oh yeahhhhhh

I command more. I demand more, and you give it to me. I take you beyond the stars into a place where time and space no longer survive. Gone are the whims of man and beast replaced by the simple, indescribable pleasure of Love, Devotion, and endless ecstasy. You bring me beyond myself into a realm of raging tranquility. Come on baby, crush me, take me, I am…


Come on baby, crush me, feel me, never let me go. Feel me tickle the depths of you as I let you in. Feel me touch that very part of you left virginal by a life deprived of this revolution.

Come on baby, crush me, taste me as I devour you. Then take me as I come back for more.

It’s times like these

When my faith I feel

And I know how I love you

Come on


It’s crazy

I’m thinking

Just as long as you’re around

And here I’ll be dancing on the ground

Am I right side up or upside down

To each other we’ll be facing

By love we’ll beat back the pain we’ve found

You know

I mean to tell you all the things

I’ve been thinking deep inside

My friend

With each moment the more I love you

Crush me

Come on

So much you have given love

That I would give you back again and again

Meaning I’ll hold you

And please let me always

This song needs to be sung. Now. Here. Everywhere. Love too often takes a backseat to the whims and guesses of men who have no idea what love is. Let’s teach them and laugh as we leave them shaking their heads in shocked bewilderment. Let me, always, play the music within my heart and dance to my own rhythm. Let me break the shackles that have bound us to the ordinary, and fly with me to a place outside, where life begins in the simple promise that rules not need exist in hearts that beat as one. Hold me in a devoted space while soaring high above the lies and deception that defines the world around us. Let’s float among the waves in an ocean that has been saved just for us and know me as your man, your lover, and that piece of your soul that was never truly gone.

Yes, crush me and let your wild beast free.  Break open my skin with a wildness that leaves pieces of me under your nails. Bite me, scar me, claim me for your own as I freely give you everything I have to give. Let’s make the word “fuck” a symbol of undying love and devotion. Let’s change the world to one that can bask freely in pleasure and joy simply by being who we are, together.

I await you, my Love, patiently but with a sense of urgency. Know that when I enter you for the first time in this promise of Now nothing will ever be the same. Everything will change, forever, and together we will crush doubt and fear in the weight of our devotion, and we will crush the norm in the sheer strength of our desire. We are, near.

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  1. Just today I found you. I. I awoke early, found a post of yours and spent the last hour reading your works. Your beautiful words bare your soul and have touched mine. Thank you for being so brave and honest. I am scared to be so brave but you have inspired me to have courage to search deep within me and understand what I am and what I seek. Then to be truly courageous and say, even shout, it to the world.

    1. Thank you for your awesome words! You deserve to know yourself at your deepest level, so embrace that journey and ALL it happens to bring you. Peace!

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