The Healing Power of Great Sex (A Radio Interview) {Mature Audiences Only}

Here is an edited (but not censored) version of a radio interview I did yesterday with my friend, Jennifer Hillman, on Wolfspirit Radio.

As an awesome surprise, my friend Venus DiMila called in and became an excellent addition to the discussion.  Yes, loving sex can heal the deepest of wounds, including the wounds you inflict on yourself.



You are born of sex. Your every body cell is a sex cell, all your energy is sex energy. So if religions teach that sex is bad, sex is sin, they have condemned you completely. And not only have they condemned you, now you will condemn yourself. ~Osho

To be alive is to be sexual. If you are against sex, then you will be against everything. And a person who is against everything is bound to be neurotic, mad, and you cannot help him. ~Osho

One thought on “The Healing Power of Great Sex (A Radio Interview) {Mature Audiences Only}”

  1. “very wise”… actually there is no religion which is teaching that sex is bad. for examble there is a beautiful ritual in islam for having sex as a prayer to GOD.
    there are many great people they are already beyond this normal understanding of sexual energy. the act of sex is just one thing what you can do and if you not able to keep this life energy in your “system” is actually destroying your inner source of transformation and self evolution.
    sex is our company completely misunderstanding and if we open up from the heart we will see our behavior with this energy very different. we will be much more satisfy and in love with us and then is this whole story about longing,desire and frustration,sin to sex not nessassary anymore. we must understand that this energy is endless and we need to learn to expand into these energy, otherwise you will be your whole life in this spiral of needs and far away from liberation, harmony and peace. we can have orgasm for hours anytime, when ever we want, when we understood how to control this energy which exist in the whole universe,the element of water. have a good day.

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