The Choice to Love

♥ The Drongo Love ♥ Happy Valentine's Day ♥In the sultry silence I lay, my heart pounding while my breath simply tries to catch up with the rest of me. There you are, a silhouette of my dreams made real in an instant. A bundle of womanhood; one of doubt, insecurity and unlimited while yet unrealized power.

An unheard sigh escapes my lips.

I study the beads of sweat on your forehead glistening in the moonlight and I know. I know that our time to part is soon, and I will be watching the sun rise over one ocean while you watch it set over another. The gap that closed between us while our skin melted into holy unity may not widen, but the distance will make the exercise impossible. I reach out to you and grasp your hand, knowing that when I see the sun again, my hand will be empty and my eyes absent of the beauty that I now see.

Suddenly the clock becomes our Master, and the seconds become our enemy. With each tick our distance widens, and with each fall of the hands our moment fades. I’ve never liked the worship of time, yet here I am kneeling before it as if it were my King while rueing the moment when it commands my life, my moment, and my reality all end.

I close my eyes, focusing on that hand in mine rather than on the one whose sound I hate. I feel the breath that brings me the scent of you, and I hear the rhythm of your heart that brings me peace in this, the only moment that matters. I can feel the hunger rise up within me again, and can sense the thirst regain its foothold in my mind. I can feel your hand touch me there, everywhere, and I know that the clock has not yet defeated us. I smile as my hand returns your favor, and our lips touch again.

The only good that comes from a love story untold is that we become more aware of it. We may choose not to listen, but it will only scream louder until we can no longer ignore its presence. Our choices, our dreams, our realities, all combine into one ménage that creates the very chapters of our lives.  We either choose love or fear, both being a perfect choice that will only serve to highlight the beauty of the love within and around us. We will either choose the joy of love or the misery of fear while enjoying the experience that either choice provides.

For me, the short focus on the end of this moment has brought me back here, to its present, to the woman who is about to surround me and let me in. There is nothing more beautiful than the expression of love in our lives.  There is nothing more powerful than a thirst for love.  There is nothing stronger than the hunger we feel for one another, and there is nothing more necessary that the physical expression of that simple truth we call love. So, I choose to heal myself here, inside this woman surrounded by the embrace I so desire, and to bask here in this eternity.

photo by: VinothChandar