What If {A Poem}

EnthusiasmWhat if…

What if I gently caressed you awake,
Brought you into the morning light,
Pointed you toward the Sunrise,
While never moving beyond the place we embraced?

What if I kissed you into heaven,
Breathed into you the passion born within me,
Inhaled all that you would give to me,
While reminding us both of what we were born to do?

What if I loved you into the Now,
Shedding all those things we call yesterday,
Forming all those things we call tomorrow,
All while never leaving the moment we had created?

What if I drank from your fountain,
Tasted all that you are,
Basking in the silence of your soul,
While dancing in the screams of your ecstasy?

What if we never ended,
And I entered you as you surrounded me,
And we never parted,
Would you still dance freely in the fields you love so much?

What if love was not a commitment,
But a liberation,
And we only danced with each other
In the chain-less bounds of ecstasy?

What if?

photo by: h.koppdelaney