Can You Hear Me? (MATURE ONLY)

Do you hear me? Can you hear me in your deepest dreams, calling out to you? Can you feel my touch upon your tenderness, my breath upon your wanting skin?

There is no explanation to the madness in my heart. It’s just there, like a bubbling brook in the middle of an arid desert, waiting for your parched lips to take a drink. I cannot deny the insanity of it all, but know that I’d rather live a life of pure madness than hide in the shadows of sanity. I’d rather be seen as crazy dancing with you to music they can’t hear than be known as sane pretending not to hear the sound. So I surrender, and I wait.

I can feel your lips taking me in, your being swallowing me down. I can feel your hands on my hips as you drink; my soul basking in the glory of who you are. I can feel me surrendering to the moment, to the prayer of your moans vibrating through my manhood, taking me in so deep that I may never surface again. I do not give in to the calling of Swadhisthana to explode, rather desiring to allow that spark to grow into an explosion of epic proportions.

Then you rise, my sweet Queen, my effervescent Angel, and I take you. Your eyes fill me with desire, burning away the fog of my mind as I can now follow the light your soul provides. The growl that escapes my hungry soul alerts you to the wave that is about to take you away. We kiss, deeply, nearly consuming each other in the passion for more while wanting so desperately to never leave this space. I want you, all of you, my heart uttering a not-so-silent prayer to yours for a place among your eternal pleasures.  My hands, my mouth, explore you until you demand me inside you.  I take you, and make you mine, owning you for the moment while giving myself to you completely. You scream an urgent plea to be filled, and filled you are.

There, we melt into each other, forever united in the puddles of sweat and selves we create in the process. We find great love in the spaces we create, a reflection of the universe we have known existed but rarely have seen. We’ve loved, we lost, and we’ve discovered a great gift in the sacrifices we have offered at the altar of life.

I can hardly wait.