Smile for Me Please

Fastest Rotating Star Found in Neighboring GalaxySmile for me, please. Let me see you in your delight, let me hold you in my mind knowing that you are at peace, in joy, loving the moment as I am loving you in it. Let me see you take from this moment all that it has to offer, and let me know that in your heart you are knowing how truly special you are.

Let me imagine feeling your arms snake around my waist, drawing me into your heart, feeling your strength pull me into your life. Let me imagine your head snuggle tightly to my chest as I breathe you in, my head swirling in your fragrance as my body responds to your touch. Let me know what it is like to get your shivers started, to feel your legs buckle under the pleasure of my caress as I use all of my will to hold mine steady. Let me feel your skin respond when your smiling lips taste mine, as we melt away into a heart-centered abyss of pure pleasure.

Smile for me, please. Let me find unending happiness in your joy and unlimited pleasure in your ecstasy. Let me find what I am seeking and discover what was always there. Let me know, please let me know, that the wave of indescribable power that flows over my being exists somewhere outside of it. Just smile and I’ll know it, just smile and it will be.

In this, the thaw of my life’s great winter, I can now feel something outside the need to survive beyond the basic needs of mortal man. The parts of me once numb and frozen now regain their feeling, warmed by the light of a distant Star smiling upon me. The great thing about a Star like this is that it’s light only ignites what already exists within me. It need do nothing but exist as itself, and I need do nothing but know it is there.

So smile for me, please, and let the chips fall where they may. If one day I slip the surly bounds of this place to touch the face of a Star so bright, so be it. If I am meant to keep my feet on the ground and never fly so high, allow me to just be grateful for the evening sky that allows her light to shine. I may never be graced by her surface, but I will always know where to find her light within the darkness.

At that I smile…