You are Beautiful (A Poem)

You are beautiful
Beyond bold red words
You are beautiful
Beyond the flowing locks 
The loving eyes,
The rosy lips of parting lust
You are beautiful.
I see you in the Sunrise,
Hear you in the Rain,
Know you in the Snowflake
Lose you in the Pain.
I feel you in the Thunder,
Smell you in the Sea,
Hold you in the Candlelight
That lights the way for me.

You are beautiful,

Beyond the needs of Id
You are beautiful,
And in the dreams of red I pray
The simple song of “perhaps, someday”
A truth in the words I say
You are beautiful.

2 thoughts on “You are Beautiful (A Poem)”

  1. Gorgeous poem! And I LOVED your Conscious Men & Romantic Relationships post on Elephant. You could have been writing from the inner workings of my mind x

    1. When someone says, “We are all one” it means exactly what you said. 🙂 Thank you Lis, truly.

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