Divorce (or Breakup) & the Art to Healing (Elephant Journal Article)

Here is my latest on Elephant Journal.

“It’s moments like these that turn our lives on edge, that make us reel and then, hopefully, real. It’s our choice what to do with them, how to react to them, and what we choose to take out of them. We can be a tree that cracks through its seed, or we can remain dormant in the soil to dawn another day.

It’s our choice and I made mine.”


2 thoughts on “Divorce (or Breakup) & the Art to Healing (Elephant Journal Article)”

  1. Tom,
    I read your latest on EJ and was compelled to write. It seems as if we could be soul brothers how similar our situations were/are.

    I too was numb from the same discussion my now ex wife laid on me a few years ago and after a little while of wallowing in the fear and self pity, I also turned it into the single biggest turning point of my life and i have never felt better about who I am.

    I too have 3 kids and loved how you described the various roles of being a father. I was also a firefighter and member of a volunteer rescue squad for about 14 years.

    Well, I can go on and on but I am incredibly grateful to have discovered you and look forward to reading your insights and learning more and more every day.

    1. I appreciate the fact that you survived. As I’ve often said, “survival was not guaranteed” and was a welcome outcome.

      It seems we are still on similar paths, I welcome your input and your correspondence.

      Be well.

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