I Love You (A Poem)

“I love you”
I heard the words spill out from my lips
I could not catch them
And put them back
I could just feel them through the ether
Heading toward you.
“I love you”
Such truth I was not ready to divulge
Such promise I was not ready to reveal
My heart just bled the words
And spilled them out all over you
To what truth will you embrace?
“I love you”
The hot sand beneath my weary feet
Blistering, burning, with little respite
I thirst, I bleed, I cannot seem but to need
The comfort of your skin
And the solace of your voice singing to my soul.
“I love you”
The story yet untold, unkempt in the House of Eden
Heading like a missile toward your tender heart
There is no return, I’ve spilled the truth
And now I wait, and now I wait
For the explosion to be heard.

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