What I Want With You

Ai Love YouI want to wake and feel you next to me. Feel you stir as my lips meet your shoulder, hear you moan in anticipation of the sunrise. I want to feel your warmth beyond the cold section of the sheets that separates us, and leave you unable to tell the difference between the reality of that moment and the dream that you were having.

I want to hold you, and then let you go. I want to see you run to me with that smile betraying your inner thoughts, and then feel your arms take me in before your lips devour mine. I want to feel you melt into me, and inhale your breath before sharing my own, knowing that each and every step we had ever taken led us to that very moment.

I want to hear about your day and laugh at your jokes before feeling your head collapse upon my shoulder. I want to know about your life, visit those places you rarely leave exposed, and share those parts of me that only you will know. I want to feel the rush of ecstasy as you spill your mind all over me. I want to bathe in the fragrance of your thoughts and then rise up, cleaned, to stare in awe at the woman you’ve become.

I want to walk with you into the places we both fear, sharing a torch of fearless love we both hold to light our way. I want to share a tremble when the frightening sides our lives venture out from the caves we have put them in, and then stand, fearless and undaunted, in the resolve to say, “You are not alone in this.”

I want to ride to your rescue, not because you need me to, but because you don’t. I want to offer you my hand in the firm promise that I am here, without expectation that you will take it. I want to tear apart the fearful binds that tie us to a place we do not wish to be. I will not offer you a pedestal on which to stand, for they are a prison of the harshest sort. Instead, I offer you the fields you wish to roam and the silence you wish to have in order to hear the music you want to dance to. I will not be the bars that hold you, but rather the wind that sets you free.

I want to hear the soft moan that involuntarily escapes your heart when the tips of my fingers find their way. I want to hear the song you hum when you are not paying attention, and see the skip in your step when you are lost in a moment of joy. I want to absorb the way your smile turns into that look you get when I hit the right spots, and remind you time and time again that pleasure is simply not an option, but rather a way of living.  I want to wash your body in the soft summer rains, and warm you when the winter chill sets in. I want to walk with you to see the first flower of spring, and then play in the lovingly discarded leaves of time when the autumn breeze blows.

I want to admire you when you sleep, and be admired by you when the call of desire wakes you from your slumber. I want to stretch with you and salute the sun. I want to sit still with you, knowing you are there as surely as the limbs I cannot see. I want to open the pearly gates of heaven we find when the two of us melt into one holy puddle of loving ecstasy in the spaces that we share. I want to know joy with you, and find a wisdom in all these things I want with you, yet have not yet discovered in my living’s path.

I know I have not asked for much. All of these words are nothing more than a brief flicker of a candle’s flame, a short glimpse of time created for such a purpose. Like a mountain stream created from the melting winter’s snow there is no work to be done. It simply is, and as love flows from the highest peaks down to the lowest valleys, we find it all so easy, so worthwhile, and so utterly necessary. That is what I want with you, and that is what we will find.

photo by: Bohman

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