On Top of Gold Hill

Gold HillTo hold me,
Now, then, forever,
In the vestibule of nature’s wonder,
Is to never let me go.

We are there, in that special place of ours, among the trees and the plants and the animals and the sky. We are without the distractions of our lives, focused intently on the meaning of them rather than on the inane things we used to define the living. In the thinly walled cabin we lay, naked and without reservation, under heaven’s starry gaze, in the grips of Nature as she holds us tightly.

We make love on the top of a mountain, rooted in the sounds our Nature creates around us and within us. We offer our gifts to one another, taking and giving, giving and taking, over and over again in the deepest way our souls know how. We embrace, we let go, we enter and we leave in the pure liberation of our Lover’s Song, and the world rejoices around us.

Two more powerful warriors history has never known, and we neither care for the role nor create it. We make love, and in turn it makes us. One.

Gaze into the windows of my soul
Forgetting not yourself in the song
But hearing who you are within its notes
Rise up, my Love, to stand and hear it played.

Such power we find in the salty stories of our sweat, and such openness we find in the many prayers of love’s holy book we sing! There is no place that exists outside the on which we stand, as One, in the divine fields of loving inspiration. The sweet harmonies flow through us, and we never stop until the final bar is played.

It is you; it is me, who realize our truth in the eternal form of rapture’s lyric. We hold firm to the releasing of truth, allowing it to change, to grow, to go, where it must and when it should, however it may need. Interference is a fool’s endeavor, and we have no need for the fool’s gold that chains that jester to the box of which he will never surely own. The song demands our flight, and the music requires our return to place we find each other. The embrace says it all.

In memories we shall not leave
This place, we cannot depart
Hold me, again, among our trees
And hear my beating heart.

Lover’s walk together for different reasons at different times. We share a truth here, that we have shared a journey of living’s will that has brought us to this place. Each and every step before has led us to where our feet lay now, intertwined, letting go of the grains of sand that have parted us for way too long. Each touch becomes a confirmation of the last, and each moment becomes a testament to the one before. Yes, it was all worth it; we are here in the Now frolicking as was always the intention. I would suffer a million more moments like the one before just to have this one, again, with you.

Hear the strong heart beating within my chest, and feel it throb throughout the all of me. You will know where my strength resides now, and you will forever feel your Lover’s song. Feel faith, know truth, and be wise to the soul that speaks to you. I am here.

Upon this hill we have found our heaven, on this hill we will make it last forever. Until then, I say to you, I love you so.