free fallIn the blink of an eye the journey changes, or so it seems. In one moment you are firmly attached to the ground, walking with purpose upon the cleared path of your life, and the next you are falling, freely, through wispy air toward some uncertain destination. Sometimes you flap your arms wildly in a vain attempt to halt your flight until, finally, you stop and enjoy the ride. Your laughter replaces your cries for help, and your attempts at grasping the air are replaced with a simple acceptance that, sometimes, you have no control.

A pesky something pushes you from your grounded path and over some unseen cliff. A pesky something gives you nothing to grasp, nothing to hold on to, while giving you that awesome feeling in your gut as you fall. Here, it’s not about the landing, but the falling.  The landing will take care of itself.


To fall freely beyond your comfort zone is to find the greatest comfort. To plunge heart first through the thinnest of air is, well, fear converted into the most awesome experience. To let go is to find something worthwhile to embrace, and to finally trust that all you have experienced will bring you where you need to be is to take flight among the stars. To let it all happen as it was meant is something to behold, and to finally feel the rush of air around you as something meaningful and desirable is something you discover to be all you have ever wanted.

Yes, that love is something.

To have felt your lover before arrival, is to realize the importance of letting to. You find your heaven in your empty arms as you reach for her, and you find your truth in the empty places in your life that she will surely fill. You have not given up, you have not surrendered, you have simply waited for her arrival.

You know it’s time. You know it was all supposed to be, so you let it happen. You open your arms and let her in, and as the air rushes around you her warmth guides you to the happy places in the ether. You hear her laughter in the roar that settles in your mind, and you feel her joy in your own. Yes, this place is where you have always been heading, and she has always been there.

That’s something.  That is love’s something.

In the heart of a man so in tune with what he feels, sometimes the feeling is all he has. It’s like a spark in need of fuel or a flicker in the darkness that needs someone to see it. He can feel her hand in his, her head on his shoulder. He can feel everything he has ever written about or thought about or believed existed swirl around him like a loving storm. There is no rhyme or reason to the rain, there are no clouds and there is no thunder, yet the man is being soaked to the bone as he falls through the clear air. The chills are warm, the unknown becomes comforting, and nothing ever again feels as it did. He forgets the path he was on, and willingly chooses this new one as the way he must go. His fear highlights his courage, and his uncertainty magnifies all that he has ever known.

There are moments in one’s life that define it for some time, and there are microcosms in those moments that change his eternity. Sometimes it is a quiet prayer that results in a fall from his cliff. Sometimes it’s the patience chosen until it feels right to move. Sometimes it’s a gusty wind that pushes him over the edge, or a quick glimpse of a desired future that gives him the courage to leap. Whatever it is, it happens, and everything changes.

That love is something, huh? When you are willing to finally let it take over you are free to let it do its thing. When you are finally willing to leap it will take you to where you need to go. It will all make sense then, and you will finally be free to realize just how worth it the journey has been.

Enjoy it. It’s something. 🙂

photo by: AlicePopkorn