A Place Called Harmony

loversThe whisper speaks. Sometimes in a language your aren’t sure you understand.  Be quiet, let it speak, and feel its message as the darkness fades away around you.

Like some great monument of hope, the sun rises above the frosty landscape of your mind. Your body shivers in the warm contrast from night into day, and your heart responds to the change by forming tiny pools of light in the deepest parts of you. You feel the urges of a soul renewed, the promise of a dream realized, and the truth of the moment as your feet land in the exact place they were meant to be.

It’s indescribable, benign yet remarkable at the same time. Words are traded in increasing anticipation of the moment you find a comfort familiar yet unknown. You want to dive into those blue pools that have taken your breath away and sink until you find their soulful bottom. You want to hear more, even as the fire within you builds from a tiny spark into a raging inferno. Soon, you are consumed by it and, with any luck, you become a sun rising above her horizon too, warming the furthest reaches of who she’s grown to be.

Fascination is born in the simplest places. There, memories fade when bodies touch and fires meet, and in the truest space desire melts as two people answer the call they shouted to one another an eternity before. There is no rhyme or reason to the embrace, there is only a dedication to a journey begun as they discover the very thing that has always been searching for them.

Heaven is there, in that space. It never fades and it never truly ends. It exists as a constant beginning in the screams of passion and ecstasy found in each moment of their breaking dawn, in each kiss shared, and in each human reaction their souls demand they make. In the courage of a step taken, in the warmth of truth shared, and in the promise of a first kiss, the mountains bow to their sun, and the valleys flourish in the hope of what is yet to come.

Great things are born there, and in the awesome presence of a voice whose language we cannot speak,  we live. Perhaps just for a moment, perhaps for a lifetime, but live there we do for as long as that sun may shine and the voice may speak. Here’s to hope, and to the pleasure possible when two lovers meet at the perfect place at the perfect time. We call that place harmony, and may we soon make a home there.

photo by: ( (( marS )) )