Conscious Man (A Poem)

Photo by Tom Grasso
Photo by Tom Grasso
Beyond the weathered jetty
Beyond that deep blue sea
Is a dream I’ve often called to
The better part of me.
Beyond the ocean’s torment
Beyond the frothy shale
Is a mountain I call out to
A summit I often fail.
Without such mindless measure
A conscious man I wish to be
Whose footprints tell a different tale
A spirit whose set free.
Beyond the ocean’s drift line
Beyond the seaman’s boast
My aged feet will find a home
Upon that rocky coast.
Beyond the whims of others
Beyond their unconscious wail
You’ll see my mast unfurled and true
As I set my heart to sail.
Without such loving pleasure
A mindless man upon the sea,
A drunken monkey on an ocean
Is all I’ll ever be.