A Solid Truth

Through the numbness gaze I see
Cloudy, murky, beholden to the current
Leaning, listing, the stormy sky emblazoned
Calmly, the whitecaps form.
Through the blinded folds of skin I feel
Nothing, lost moments, surrounded by light everywhere
Laying still yet falling into the whirlpool
Rising, the foamy surf left evidence to the dying.
Lovely, I’m lost to the bliss of my own ignorance
Awakened in a moment, I cannot stand to shout
Aware in a flash, I cannot look to see that spark
Forever changed, the light enters me where I am wounded.
But such is the way of great fortune
To be wounded but alive
To be silenced but not forgotten, then heard again
She reaches for the coldness and brings a warmth renewed.
One wobbles, but does not fall
One stumbles, but finds sure footing
Somewhere, beyond the certainty of the next step
Comes the power of where the feet now stand.
One regrets, but accepts what cannot be changed
One worries, but gives himself to the great Ocean on which he lives
There, in the horizon that we call our home
Come the Sunrises and Sunsets that define our days.
Goodnight, dear, see me in your dreams
Goodbye, friend, hear me in your laughter
Feel me as the waves caress your feet, as the Sun warms your face
Know me when the light appears as a new day comes.
There is nothing to fear there, in the waves
Dance like you’ve never danced before
And know me there, everywhere
No surrender, no retreat, just calm acceptance of the Warrior.
Now, let’s go, to that healing place
Let’s bask in the warm water
Play in the lush fields where the color is blinding
And hold this moment dear.
Let’s leave the worry to others
Go crazy in the surf, find ecstasy in the sand
Together, as lovers sitting on an Earthen altar
Together in every breeze, in every wave, in every squawking seagull.
There is heaven.
There is hell.
There is everything in between
And it is there that we will find ourselves in a solid truth.