And So I Walk

Lone walkerAnd so I walk…

I’ve closed my eyes and felt your hand on my shoulder, and opened them to find you gone. I’ve touched my blinded hands to the air and found your fingers upon my own, and with sight restored I’ve only found the open sky gazing back at me. I’ve dreamed of you a million times, only to find myself alone – beautifully alone – when the dawn begs my eyes to open.

I do not question those lonely footprints in the sand. I do not question the solitude when it comes. I realize all is well, all is perfect. What better place for a loner to be than alone, what more perfect view does a man have when unobstructed by the cautious, insane birds that fly away at the sound of the rushing surf?

There is no better place to be for this Warrior. The waves shall bring her to his beach, a sturdy hand to hold his own, a strong companion who together study the clouds from above and survey the deepest valleys from below. They will sing a song in unison, undaunted by the winds of change, unimpeded by the storms of emotional disillusionment, eternal beyond the wounds that life has given.

And so I walk. I walk and I walk and I do not stop save the rests necessary to keep my natural gait. Not questioning, not demanding, just walking. The sword I carry is as wide as my arms and only as potent as my embrace. My muscles are no longer tense for the fight, but for the not-so-silent moments of ecstatic surrender, the gift of divine exploration as two bodies melt into one sea. To you I will someday raise my white flag, and one day I will not fight with you at my back, but rather love with you in my arms.

And to this end we walk, and to this end we wander aimfully through the passages of our time together.

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  1. Comforting. I can smell the winter ocean and feel his arms about me. Lambs wool sweater, blue jeans, wool hats and gloves. Nice. Thank you.

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