Searching for Stars (A Poem)

I heard her shouting from a distance
Lost, wretched, aimlessly yelling at mindless passerbys
I heard her tainted, longing mind searching for some absolution
Wanting to be found
Wanting to be something more
Wanting to be wanted.
She would stare at her form in only certain panes of mirrored glass
Playing with her selves
Toying with memories, some not yet created
Making hardened concrete out of shifting sand
Creating tortured music in the waves
Blaming the moon for her shifting tides 
As if the moon should somehow change itself.
She’d succumb to impassioned numbness
Blaming the tress for standing tall
Cursing the Sun for being bright against the backdrop of her sky
As she stood on her head in the corner of a hidden cave
She’d offer her own sweet juices to the field
Then hate the bees for circling her fragile core
She’d tie beautiful baited hooks to the corners of her mouth
The bite the unfortunate who came to kiss her sultry lips
“Who are thou?” she’d say to me as I entered her darkened room
“I am you,” I’d reply at the moment of insertion
Then we’d cry alone in the darkness
Searching for the stars
They must be here
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