Thoughts of You – A Poem (Well, sort of)

I feel the tide rising. I light an incense, and then sit with the feeling. Something is brewing within me, something is knocking at my door. I close my eyes, then breathe deeply, allowing it all to simmer.

Then I write.

I have no idea what is coming, or from where it comes. It just is, it just does, and I just allow.

So, in fond deference I offer to the Universe that which is offered to me.

Thoughts of You (A Poem)

I cannot seem to escape
These lonely thoughts of you.
The way your voice raises me to mountaintops
And settles me to the plush grasses of the valleys below.
I cannot seem to run away
From these awesome thoughts of you.
The way your eyes take me to someplace else
While never leaving the space I’m in.
The way your lips invite me inward
Toward a treasure hidden by my soul
A lonely map…a risky voyage,
A lone sailor bends his back to row.
I cannot seem to turn away
From these impassioned thoughts of you.
The way your breasts break my sturdy will;
Discipline lost in the Warriors stoic stare…
You beckon me there…you ask me for reprieve
Or so it seems.
I am easy prey
For these longing thoughts of you.
Dreams foretold as my fingers paint your lovely back
My mouth takes in your betting nape…
The rest of me?
Well, let’s wait to see where the lines all converge
I’ll meet you there, my love.I cannot stop…
These eternal thoughts of you.
I enter you…or have you entered me?
Lost chaos in this moment of perfect order,
Certain perfection in this moment of complete rapture.
I offer you all I have…
Just me, just us…just these loving thoughts of you.


photo by: Denise Mayumi