The Things I Need to Tell You

Hurry baby…please.

There are so many things I need to tell you, so many things you need to hear.

Words alone won’t do them justice; such words have never been invented. They don’t exist, yet I need you to hear them.

Not with the ears that hear my sounds or the sounds of insanity in the world around us. No, I need you to listen with ears that don’t hear. I need to speak to you with a mouth that does not utter a sound.

Hear the rush of certainty as our fingers intertwine, as the heat of our bodies meets somewhere in the chill of the human realm.

Hear the call of my fingertips, answered quickly by the raised bumps formed as your skin to listens to my touch. I hear those beautiful, inaudible sounds of pleasure echoing in every space, repeating in every spot.

Hear my heart as your eyes begin to moisten, answering the lone tear dancing happily down my cheek. Such emotion fuels the raging fire within us; a fire that does not burn, but warms, that does not destroy but gives birth to eternity.

Hear my desire as your lips part to accept my kiss, our bodies growing limp in surrender. Feel the freedom in our embrace as we squeeze the weight of the world out from that space between us. Feel the light air in our heaven as we shed the veils we place around our human form.

Feel our love as we move to the beat of our own drum, our sweat mixing in dramatic pools and oceans that only we can see. I will hear you shudder your release, roar the song of a Lioness, and take from me all that I have to give.

Hear me speak now, my love, in ways left for the gods and goddesses who have found their altar and who have discovered their church. I need to tell you these things, and I need to listen to you.

Patiently impatient I am waiting, an empty hand reserved for you, an empty space left where you will lay. I know the wind knows, and when it catches your sail it will speed your ship to the port where I will be, waiting.

Hopelessly hoping I stand here, basking silently in the light sometimes hidden by strange clouds that will, eventually, blow away. With a still mind and closed eyes I can see that light, and with an open heart it warms my very Being.

Forever I will wait even as I implore you to hurry. Found I will be in the lost episodes of the people around me, for in the blur of their sleepwalking a sea will part, and there you will be standing.

A sigh. A pause. And then a quick run to your open arms when, finally, I can speak to you and tell you all the things I need to tell you. Be ready, for there are countless volumes I need to share.

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One thought on “The Things I Need to Tell You”

  1. Love this !
    Your writing is beautiful.. Sad , well not sad, but sad in a beautiful way …bringing tears to my eyes ..
    Will definitely keep coming back here …

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