Nothing (A Poem)

I sit, and I wonder...
Where are you?
Why is the air so cold
Why is the silence so deafening?

I look for you
That smile, the way your hair wisps around your face
Through the numbness I reach for you
Through the haze I call your name.


I long to hear your laugh
Find the spots that make you gasp for air
Draw the lines that make you moan
Take the best you have to offer.

A simple prayer is whispered
Through time, through the ether of my mental state
I wait patiently for your reply
Or an echo, or a sign.


To set this moment, time and space
In such perfect synchronicity
One must become the softest rock
The neutral water in your drinking glass.

So I beg of you to take a sip
A notion of a potion not that magical at all.
Tell me, please, I beg of you, reply
As I wander away I look toward the sky for answers.


Once I was a boy afraid
Now a man, fearless and determined
I bear the wounds of battles fought
And bare my soul to the legions of insanity.

I call your name, or at least I think it is
Can you hear me? Can you feel it coming?
Still I bask in empty light
Waiting for the warmth to charm my mind.


Like a snake in a basket
I dance to music no one else can hear
I fall asleep when the respite comes
Only to awaken to her tune again.

I want to bite you but I can't
Such a tortured battle waged within
The fighter without a fight
He looks for peace at every turn but sees...


A growl, a sigh, a morbid curiosity
No need to marvel at this godless saint.
A pinch, a whisper, but this is not a dream
Yet I swear I whispered something in your ear.

Your smile, the answer I've been looking for
The warmth of your body cuts through the icy air
I stir in my slumber looking toward the evening sky
I reach, to you, from the nightmare that I feel.


It is nothing that I look for
And it is nothing that I'll lose
Yet it is nothing like I've ever known
It is nothing but a lover's song.

I find nothing gets me going
For there is nothing to ever gain
As nothing pleases you
And there is nothing that I have to give.

One day we'll close our eyes
And meet our Maker, we'll travel home.
One day we'll say our final prayer
And find the answer we've always sought. 



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  1. I came across your work through a fb friend I’m so glad I did. Your amazing. I’m not a reader I have no patients,in my eyes it takes to long to read.You have caught my attention. I throughly love reading your work.

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