Rules (A Rambling Poem)

Nearly every day, I pick a “Buddha Card” from a deck I have on my writing table. Then, I meditate briefly on what it says. Sometimes, I write what comes out as a result, others I just smile and laugh at myself. Over the last couple of days, I’ve decided to write what I think. I apologize for the lunacy. šŸ™‚

Ok, maybe I don’t. LOL.

Today’s card was “Rules…”. Go figure.

Who is this Master
Born to write the book
Of my life?

Who, born of such wisdom and pure delight
Walked the sand before me
Leaving their footprints in the places I will walk?

Do not carry me of my accord.
I can walk, and I can crawl, 
Or I can be left to feed the creatures of the sea
Mocking me.

Do not boast of your resurrection.
Just let it speak for itself,
And let me die a million deaths.
If just to know the truth but once
To write my book mySelf.

Do not mind me
As I play in the grasslands you were taught to loathe.
Do not throw your careless stones
Or bask in the glory of someone else's joy
While you bathe in misery.

Do not know me
Without first knowing yourSelf.
Do not try to mimic my dance
Without first hearing the sound of your own song.
Stop blaming me for the smile that crests your lips.

I bow to know one
Yet bow to everyone.
I've been tossed aside only to find myself in such glorious company
And I
So very, very well.

I've felt you space between my toes
And felt your tears flow from my own eyes.
I've hated me too, and loved you just the same.
I've burnt myself with the same embers
You now use to warm your lonely heart.

The reason you can see the scars on my hands
Is because I've let go of the hot stones that burned them.
The reason you can criticize my wounds,
Is because I am naked to your inspection.
Do not judge yourself so harshly
I understand your pain.

You know what you are thinking now?
I'll pay it no mind anyway.
Although I could always wear your judgment
As a banner across my empty pockets.


Or perhaps I just will laugh...
Take you in my arms and make you feel the light.
Hold you down until the crimson flowers bloom.
Until the prayers begin
And the body begins to fail, and the sweat pours out in ecstasy.

You will find life there
Believe me...
Or don't, sadness creeps in for those who have never came
Or anywhere for that matter.

Enough rambling.
I think I've bent the rules enough.
Who am I kidding...
I'll be gay just to enter the business of those who hate me.
I'll be a color not to their liking.
I'll be a man not a man at all, or a douchebag of various degrees.
Whatever I need to do to be just like...

Do not worry, my fearful friends
The shift is coming.
Away from the book you were taught to love,
Towards a book that has no words.
Away from the parchment of a godless heathen
Stuck in a cave trying to create his Own.
Making mountains out of dust.
Gray skies out of blue.
Man, a sinner before he was even born.

Take the rules that made the sane crazy,
That made the loving man afraid of his own shadow,
And burn them...
Just don't hold on to the hot embers
We've already seen what damage they can do.


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  1. YES! I Love this! And Tom… I Love You! Thanks for reminding me to Just Be Myself! It’s so liberating to say the least!

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