Falling to Certainty (A Poem)

I struggle sometimes
With the words...
They all seem wrong
Lost, forgotten, 
Like jumbled coins at the bottom of a large bag.

Those eyes,
Your eyes...
They fucked up the ugly order of things
Chaos where the stones were once set
Cracked concrete set in the easy path I had carved.

Those lips,
Your lips...
Pouty memories of a hope once left dormant
A fleeting memory
Now burning deep inside the coldest parts of me.

I touch that neck,
Your neck...
The raised bumps appear in the freckles of your skin,
Telling stories
Awesome stories of something soon to come.

My eyes gaze downward,
Toward gifts I will not savor
Not yet, not now,
I will force myself to wait
Until a memory born will be a memory we hold together.

Impulsive me,
Restrained by the freedom of it all
Not needing, but wanting
Not being consumed by the fire yet surely feeding it,
I'll hold onto the enormous possibility.

No game of hide and seek here,
Just a promise...
Honesty and certainty our mutual agreement
Lust and love will follow the virgin path
Not yet cut by any footsteps made before.

Ah, such love
Such worship of our true Divinity
Not yet lost in the pleasures of our own humanity,
We laugh,
Until the stars fade under the power of the One we call our own.

Good morning, my sweet love.
Now whisper to me something of things to come.
Tell me tales of the depths we will shortly share
And take me...
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