I Need, I Want. (Adult)


What can I say to you?

I love you. I love you with all of my heart. I want you here. I need you here, now.

I need your head on my shoulder. I need your hand on me as we lay in the darkness listening to our songs play over and over again. I need feel your breath on my neck, as your fingers draw imaginary lines on my chest. I need to feel your body warm me, your touch excite me, and your lips do things to me that only an Angel could do.

I want to know you love me, and feel your impatient desire spill out onto my thirsty flesh. I want to feel you try to hold me down, only to feel the strength of my body as I lift you up and take you in every way your mind and heart can imagine. I want to feel the sweat fall from your body until I roll you over as our seas merge onto the space we share.

I want to hear your pleasure as your eyes roll into the back of your head, those inescapable gasps of song unable to be contained within your soul. I want to feel your nails rake my skin as you explode; I need to bleed in the sheer ecstasy that boils out of you.

I want you to pull me into you, and take all of me. I want to fill you up, own you in the moment you claim me as yours. I need to feel you surrender in the moment I am giving all of me to all of you. I need you to feel me become part of you, as I feel you become part of me.

Please, baby, fuck the plan and close the gap between us. I beg you, do not pass by this gift as if it is ordinary, do not let it slip through your fingers. Let it go, and watch it come to you, over and over again. Caress it and watch it grow within your grasp.

I am here, I am yours. I test the Universe for a sacred part of the flesh I desire, the mind I cherish, and the heart I wish to beat with mine. I need it. I want it. It is something I need to know.

You are the reason.

The reason for the question, and the reason for the answer. It is to this I bend my knee, and to this I search for stillness in a world full of noise. I know there I will find you and it is there where we will find each other, searching no more in the New Moon’s loving embrace.



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  1. Beautifully expressed, deeply felt and painfully lived. Thank you for putting it to words and giving it wings.

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