Out there…In here


I’ve heard you. I’ve heard you through the single wolf howling songs on a moonlit plain as the Earth echoed her intention. I’ve heard you in the chorus, in the song, and in the notes which are beautiful by themselves but become a symphony when united. I’ve heard you in the music, in the voices, and in the spaces between them all.

I’ve seen you. I’ve seen you in the wave-swept sands where the past has all-but surrendered to the sea. I’ve seen you in the little puddles that bore witness to a past storm, and I’ve seen you in the little ripples a discarded leaf makes when it lightly lands upon the surface of a stilled lake. I’ve seen you in the forgotten white lines of once painful scars. I’ve seen you in the swollen places that time has yet to heal, and in the unmarked flesh that gives light to the meaning of it all.

I’ve felt you. I’ve felt you in the silence, and in the noise. I’ve felt you in the darkest part of night, an in the brightest moment before the Sun crests the distant horizon. I’ve felt you in the cooling mist of breaking waves, in the warm tundra of sun-drenched sand, and in the fine line that separates the sea from the places we call home. I’ve felt you in the space where desert becomes oasis, where hard becomes soft, and where the cool breeze brings my sweaty skin to church in worship of the moment.

I’ve known you without ever kissing your lips or feeling the softest parts of your hand hold my own. I’ve known you without ever a word whispered in my ear, or a slight nibble on my shoulder. I’ve known you despite the distance and the time, and I’ve known you beyond the human measure of knowing what I know.

I’ve fought battles beside you without ever knowing your name. I’ve had your back without ever knowing where you were. I’ve caressed your skin, wiped your tears, and held you firm in your darkest hour. I’ve tickled you, brought you to the height of ecstasy, and heard you scream my name without ever laying a finger on the places that, I can only imagine, are begging for my touch.

I’ve been awakened by your movement through the empty space that lies beside me. I’ve been known to smile at nothing but the thought of you, and be brought to tears by the mere mention of your name. I stir in the deepest parts of peace just knowing you exist, and I’ve been raised off my knees to bear witness to the power of the song that’s brought me here, to the light that has shown me the way.

I’ve grown tall throughout these many years so that you may find firmness when you lay your head upon me. I’ve grown broad to shield you from the light that burns your brow. I’ve given life to fruit that nourishes your hunger, and I point the way to waters that will satisfy your deepest thirst. I’ve bent my knee to give you honor, and I’ve risen to give you love. I’ve suffered, so that I may live again.

In the truest testament of Love, I offer you my sword to place divinely within your scabbard. I surrender my shield that I may test the pains of death before I doubt you by my side. I’ve discarded my armor, knowing I have no need for faith beyond the sight of you. Whatever battles there are to come, I have all I need in the space I share with you.

 I’m here, there, everywhere…

No need to look or call.

For in this moment’s misery…

You find the beauty of it all.


I’ve heard you cry, I’ve heard you sing

Out beyond the mountains true.

But when you fly where I can’t see

It’s where I find myself in you.


For near the end we come to find,

As this body slowly bends,

That in letting go of all control

It’s  true love that never ends.

 Out there, a wolf utters her prayer to the sullen winter’s night. Out there, waves break and crest upon a summer’s scorching sands. Out there, a lonely leaf flutters down to break the stillness of a peaceful pond. Out there…well, the song is only music, the light is only stars, and the Sunrise is only a new day beginning.

Yet in here, in this space we share as two kindred souls writing the same song, the music found in rhythm, the settling of jostled sands, the ripples found in happenstance, all a testament of prayers that were never spoken. Thus lays the universal language of lovers. Therein radiates the power of silence, the strength of true compassion and the magnificence of single touch upon awakened skin. Therein is born the desire of conscious men and conscious women who know the value of their ecstatic combat. Therein lays the true meaning of relationship, of truth, and of holy love.

So, walk with me my queen. Lay with me upon the silken sands of my ocean home. Climb with me the highest peaks that we can find and make love to me upon their summit. Hold me firm when I begin to stumble so that I may pick you up and carry you when you grow too weak to walk. Guide me to your waiting breast and let me show you how an awakened man loves his awakened woman.

Fear not the changes that are to come. Jump excitedly from your empty nest into the plentiful unknown. Sacrifice the chains you’ve used for comfort to the uncomfortable freedom you so desperately wish to know. Fly high as Angels will, and do not stay put on this rocky soil to placate the birds who fear to fly. Instead, show them the way so that those who choose may kiss a summer’s sky. Sing your songs of merriment so that others may move to such a rhythm. Dance your joy until others know the movement. Howl at your loving moon until others see it, too.

In the end, I will hear you. I will see you, and I will feel you. Mostly, I will have known you, a true blessing in a life full of them. In the end, I will lay a flower upon your altar, burn a candle to light your image, and utter a silent prayer to the power of connection that goes beyond us mortal men. May each day be such an end, and such a beginning, and may this prayer find itself in the hallowed halls of eternity.