Another End (A Poem)

InfinityTo the morning's dread she struck a tune,
Alive, I wished her well,
In such chaotic memory,
It's only memories that swell.

In the end she came and in the end she went,
Gone, there's only me.
For in the moment's happenstance,
The waves will set you free.

Be careful what chimes you reach for,
Be sure of what song you've sung,
For when the bell sings a hollow truth,
That bell can't be unrung. 

A saintly bundle of flesh and bone,
I watch her walk away...
Whatever lies she's told herself,
She'll repeat another day.

I've gone within I've gone without,
In truth, my only sin,
Was handing over the light that's me,
To those who've never been.

So, as I watch her leave through painful tears,
I smile, for goodness sake.
A joy rebounds, I've regained myself,
In a smile I cannot fake.

Sometimes the end brings us to truth
Sometimes suffering's a friend,
And when you let go of all that was,
You can begin another end.
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